First Images: Chanel’s Imminent Métiers d’art Paris Headquarters



It started in 1985 with the purchase of century-old but declining costume jeweler Georges Desrues – and currently Chanel’s Métiers d’art employs more than 5000 craftspeople. The shows for its annual collection are amongst fashion’s most anticipated events.

Now the Métiers d’art is getting a new 25,000 square meter Paris headquarters, dubbed Le 19m, which has actually been happening fairly under the radar since construction began in the autumn of 2018. And located in the somewhat remote (in relation to the city center) working class district of La Porte d’Aubervilliers, it has mostly escaped the everyday view of the French fashion and media cognoscenti.

But the exalted fashion house has just released a set of renderings, following an October 8th ceremony marking the completion of the overall structural work. And actual photos come by way of the capturing of artist Case Maclaim‘s ongoing mural work along the perimeter, which is meant to pay tribute to the work of the artisans employed to see it through to completion.



It’s a bit of architectural “meta,” if you will.

“Le 19M is an ambitious project,” explains Chanel President Bruno Pavlovsky, “as much for its urban and architectural qualities as for its functionality and its objectives in terms of innovation and sustainable development. Our goal is to maintain and develop the exceptional heritage of the Métiers d’art, at the crossroads of Paris’s cultural influence and the societal issues of fashion.”

The project will be completed in 2020, and also feature a 1200 square meter “agora” (the Ancient Greek word for “assembly”), a public space for gathering and the exchange of ideas.


Photos by Vianney Le Caer
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