Fever Ray Will Release a Live Album This August

Image by Carolina Mendozza



In an age where social media has sucked all the mystery and imagination out of our pop stars, possibly no one has so successfully cultivated enigma as has Karin Dreijer. Indeed, as one half of exalted Swedish brother-sister electronic duo The Knife, they built a staggering worldwide “cult” without ever actually revealing their faces.

In 2009, she peeked slightly out from undercover, releasing a landmark album under the nom de guerre Fever Ray, a primal meditation on the onset of motherhood. But, with The Knife having disbanded in 2014, it took far too long for a second Fever Ray album to be birthed, which was 2017’s Plunge.



Her stage performances have become the stuff of legend, shot through with metaphor, surrealism, illusion – and some rather freakish, at times even terror-inducing costumery. Fever Ray at last took to the road again in 2018, to much enthusiasm, acclaim and even more weirdness. And this time, they’ve captured it all in recorded form – which it has just been announced will become their first ever live album, Live at the Troxy, from their March 2018 spectacle in London.

It will be unleashed onto the world this August 2, via Mute, as always. But, par for the course, the music itself is still tightly under wraps. So, obviously, plan so spend the next fives weeks shivering with anticipation.


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