Fabrizio Moretti x 2 – Sotheby’s Teams w/ The Strokes’ Drummer For Old Masters Exhibition



One of the key components of the intelligently crafted rock & roll life is knowing when to get in, when to get out…and knowing when to get back in again.

An so it is that the upcoming mini-tour by The Strokes – kicking off November 16 in Mexico City – is very much about knowing when to get back in. Yet still, all the greatest rock stars are also savvy enough to have it going on elsewhere, while, you know, waiting to get back in. To wit, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti has just hooked up with the renowned art collector of the exact same name, for a new exhibition at Sotheby’s that seems at once inevitable and also curiously unexpected.

Indeed, Fabrizio Moretti the art collector is staging a show of 20 Old Masters paintings at the exalted auction house, with each being showcased in immersive / interactive installations designed by…naturally…the rock star Fab Moretti.



But hey, what’s in a name?

“I was attracted to this project by this idea of perspective,” explains the latter Moretti. “It is pervasive throughout all aspects of this exhibit, starting simply by the fact that it involves one name but two pairs of eyes. The goal is to construct a process of orientation that abstracts and individualizes the experience of witnessing its art. By building a circuitous path that explores modes of limiting or expanding the way the work is observed, the viewer is urged to consider another form of interaction with any given painting or sculpture.”

My my, how we love a credibly intellectual rocker. But what he’s really trying to say is that, despite the contemporary world’s many and sundry attempts to obliterate human history, the great paintings of yore – here by the likes of Matteo Cesa and Taddeo di Bartolo – still resonate with a keen cultural relevance to this day.



The show will open November 15 at Sotheby’s New York, and run through December 18 – offering all manner of opportunity for posh sorts to plow through those Christmas gift lists (though we’re personally hoping to find an authenticated Bernini in our stocking this year).

Or as Fabrizio the collector puts it, “I am thrilled to be collaborating with Sotheby’s on this innovative exhibition to present Old Masters through a new perspective. I have always been drawn to their timeless appeal, and remain passionate about communicating the relevance of these works through enriching dialogues and partnerships.”

It’s almost like Fluxus never happened.


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