David Lynch Foundation and Katy Perry Launch Omaze Campaign


Katy Perry and Transcendental Meditation wouldn’t seem at first a likely duo. But the singer actually credits deep-thinking ex Russell Brand with turning her on to it.

And so it is that she has been enlisted by the David Lynch Foundation (staunch advocates of TM) for a new Omaze campaign that is sure to set fans all atwitter with excitement. For as little as a $10 donation, participants will be entered to win VIP tiks (+ flight and accommodations) to a select Katy Perry concert, plus a backstage photo shoot and makeup session with the “Firework” girl. Neato.

The winner will also receive a certificate for two for Transcendental Meditation training, meant to permanently reduce the stress of everyday contemporary existence. In fact, the DLF uses the technique to help the likes of PTSD veterans and victims of domestic violence to reach recovery. And all proceeds from the campaign will in fact go to veterans causes and at-risk kids.

Omaze, founded by Matthew Pohlson and Ryan Cummins in 2012, facilitates charitable campaigns that offer such once-in-a-lifetime experiences as this. They’ve previously worked with such celebs as George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon and Idris Elba, amongst others.



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