Current Obsession: Tycho and Saint Sinner Collab on Visceral New Single/Video ‘Japan’



Scott Hansen doesn’t have an identity crisis. He simply has too much going on to be just one person.

And so he is sometimes the photographer-designer ISO50. But mostly he is Tycho, who has been making iconoclastic electronic music since 2002 – and, as of 2010, inviting a cadre of permanent co-conspirators to join him under that umbrella.

Their latest creation is Weather, the fifth full album recorded under the Tycho nom de guerre. It also marks the first vocal collaboration he’s ever taken on, with Saint Sinner (née Hannah Cottrell) contributing her ethereal voice to a pair of tracks. Having just completed a three album trilogy, Hansen reckoned it was “the perfect opportunity.”

“I’ve wanted to make a vocal record since I started out,” he reveals. “Having the vocals blend with the texture and sonic landscape of the music was something that was very important to me. And after hearing Hannah’s voice I knew it was the perfect complement to the songs.”



One of those tracks in particular – “Japan” – has made it into our very heavy rotation. With its Roxy-esque atmospherics, and Cottrell’s breathy, haunted vocal performance, the song is a sultry, alluring enigma – a description that carries over to its accompanying video, shot in San Francisco’s Japantown, Hansen’s one time stomping ground.

“I had just been on a trip to Hakone,” he explains, “and wanted to make a song that captured the colors and imagery I experienced there. I wrote an instrumental and named it “japan.wav”…and sent it to Hannah. Coincidentally someone she knew had recently returned from a trip to Japan and she wrote the lyrics about that experience.”

Tycho will play LA’s Greek Theatre on September 5, the start of an 18-date North American tour, which includes a stop at Central Park Summerstage on the 19th.


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