Corona Stories – Gone Viral: Senegalese Songstress Marieme Warns of the ‘Virus’ of Hate




From her galvanizing 2018 anthem “Be the Change,” to last year’s poignant single “Ask For Help,” we’ve come to love Senegalese born, New York based songstress Marieme for her fearless, incisive ability to take on weighty subject matter, and deliver the message in the most shiver-inducing, thought-provoking of ways. Her debut EP was released later in 2019, definitively exhibiting her inimitable style, a sultry, jazz-infused modern soul music.

As part of our new Corona Stories series, she reminds us that “hate” is a virus that we have to confront, and unflinchingly attempt to extinguish, every single day.




Hate: The Most Dangerous Virus of All

These times have me delving deeper into the nature of viruses, which in turn made me start thinking about how hate spreads. How it mutates, how we catch it, and its effects.
Hate is a virus!
It’s an energy force with the nature of a virus.
The nature of a virus is to find a host, destroy and multiply. Just like a virus kills the cells, hate attaches itself to a host, destroys the host’s personality, common sense, ability to think rationally, and self-love.
Those of us with weaker spiritual immune systems are the most susceptible to it. And not knowing yourself is the cause of a weak spiritual immune system. You come to know yourself by not holding on to pain, to traumas.
Some are taught hate by hateful elders, thus multiplying the virus outside of the host body. Creating an army of people who don’t love themselves!
As technology has advanced beyond the evolution of the soul, hate has hitched a ride to the world via the internet, amplifying its powers.
The interesting thing about hate though is that its antidote has always been with us. LOVE!

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