Corona Stories – Gone Viral: Beyoncé/Jay-Z Violinist Natie on Deep, Meaningful Transformation



Now living in Brooklyn, burgeoning young violinist Natie grew up on Reunion Island (a French state located in the Indian Ocean) to a jazz musician father and Spanish mother, listening to Mozart. Entering the Conservatory of Music of Reunion at age just 6, she left for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at 18.

She eventually found herself in the spotlight via a stint with Beyoncé and Jay-Z throughout their On The Run II Tour. But her own brand of sensual avant-R&B more readily recalls the likes of FKA twigs, and even Sade—best evidenced by recent single “HKHT.” Her April Sofar Sounds tour has been postponed for obvious reasons, but her new EP In The Key of Fall is still due out this Friday, April 17.

For our Corona Stories – Gone Viral series, she reflects on using this period of quarantine to consider not taking things for granted as we often do, and learning how to be better at listening and observing.



A Time For Deep, Meaningful Transformation

Weird times we’re in… I’ve always had a pretty positive and grateful outlook on life, and while this is definitely a truly challenging time for a lot of us on many levels, I like to imagine that we could very much be at a crossroads for drastic, and much needed changes in our society. Whether or not we like it, we’re all forced to stop, think and reconsider things on a logistical level at least. And I like to think that that also impacts us on an emotional and spiritual level. It’s wild to see NYC so calm and to see most activities being suspended. Yet for many of us, there’s a lot to be grateful for (such as hot water, food, a bed at night and a roof to protect us.) If anything, maybe this can be a time to stop and notice the things we take for granted over time, and reduce our levels of stress and anxiety. Maybe I just sound naive, but I think that’s something to feel excited about.
All the people I’ve been exchanging with these past weeks have had to reconsider some things. Whether it’s reconnecting with things they never had time for, checking on loved ones, rethinking sources of income, or how to deliver their service in a new, yet still impactful way. For me, this is a time of letting go of schedules and external expectations. Instead I’m finding myself in this new flow where I’m learning how to observe, listen and follow what feels right at that moment. It takes a good bit of trust, especially when I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking, planning, reasoning things. But the potential for a deep and meaningful transformation is getting me excited.
As weird and scary this current situation can feel, it can also help refocus on what’s truly essential, and therefore to learn how to more easily let go of the external sources of frustration we encounter when we’re headed down in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Image by Matthieu Hoareau
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