Corona Stories – Gone Viral: Adeline Pushes Her Creative Limits Under Quarantine



If your attention was elsewhere focused, Adeline Michèle spent nearly a decade fronting NYC nu-disco stalwarts Escort, one of the last wave of bands of the post-millennial Brooklyn cool. Now having shortened her nom de guerre to simply Adeline (pronounced A-duh-leen), the Parisian born, Franco-Caribe firebrand is about to deliver her debut EP, Intérimes, this June 12.

In the meantime, she has released the sultry new single “Twilight,” which is like a marvelous musical time machine, with its raw but slinky grooves, soulful harmonies, and Adeline’s shiver-inducing vocals recalling the best of ’70s R&B and soul. The melancholy track, she explains, is about, “that particularly painful moment when you realize that a relationship is over.”

For our Corona Stories – Gone Viral series, she explains how living under quarantine has taken her to new places creatively.




Pushing the Creative Limits Under Quarantine


Here are the first two things I thought when the quarantine became official:
1) Let’s use this time to create as much content as possible, no excuses.
2) Wait, have been living in quarantine this whole time?
To be honest, I realized how lucky I was to be a musician. Paradoxically, we are the industry hardest hit financially, but we are also one of the rare lucky ones to be able to keep existing in a fulfilling way through this. My world hasn’t stopped. On the contrary, I have actually been busier than before. Of course seeing all my shows get canceled one after the other, and not knowing when I will be able to play in front of people again frightens me deeply. I’m a complete stage addict.
But I try not to think about it, because there is nothing I can do about that. I focus on the things I can actually do, and there are so many…I don’t think I get to complain about my situation. Okay, I have no money—but I have a studio to go to where I can make music as much as I want, and guess what: people are still listening to music, maybe even more these days.
I can’t play shows in venues, but I can film my performances, which was something I wanted to start doing awhile back anyway.
This situation has forced me to push my creativity and go beyond limits I realized I had set for myself. It put me in the place of having no choice but to figure it out on my own. In six weeks I went from being someone who doesn’t consider herself to be good with visuals, to directing and shooting three music videos (including the “After Midnight” video) on my own.

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