Cool as F*ck: Charli XCX Propels the Mysterious Nasty Cherry Into the Media Glare


The “diva pop” music-go-round can be exhausting, exasperating and dispiriting for anyone who genuinely wants to believe in the power of a good, unpretentious but interesting pop song. Yet we’ve long suspected Charli XCX of harboring musical sympathies outside the banal “system” that spits out an endless regurgitation of silly, chart-topping cliches.

And after weeks of social media teasing of the entity cheekily known as Nasty Cherry (please check your dirty thoughts at the door), out popped this intriguing new track co-written by Ms. XCX – sounding like it stepped straight off an NME 1982 “most promising post-punk bands” list. Indeed, debut single “Win” is rife with languid, Teutonic beats and icily detached ennui – so, yes, not at all the stuff of soul-crushingly predictable chart fare.

Opening with a sly Kim-Deal-meets-Peter-hook bassline, singer Gabz goes on to confess, “I’m such a psycho / Got violent eyes / I’ll make it rain down / Electric skies / I’ll tell you secrets / I’ll tell you lies” – all in a state of convincingly elegant torpor…and wonderfully free of all the exaggeratedly emotional over-souling of what mostly clogs the Billboard Top 40 these days.

Little else is known, except that Kitten guitarist Chloe Chaidez is counted amongst the quartet of guilty parties that make up Nasty Cherry. For now, we’ll just admit we’re pretty much obsessed with this new track – so watch this space for further elaboration on said obsession.




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