Chrysta Bell Will Give You Free Music if You Vote


Our love for sexy chanteuse and Twin Peaks star Chrysta Bell is hardly a secret. But she’s just gone and given us perhaps the best reason of all to again declare our veneration.

With just two weeks to go until the midterm elections, the David Lynch muse has issued a challenge: send an email to, with a screenshot of your voter registration form, and she will send you free music. And not just any free music…but her music, which we may have mentioned before on these pages, is beautiful and wonderful and haunting and life-changing.

“Being a voter offers a powerful feeling of accomplishment,” she rightly enthuses. “You feel like you did something significant, you participated in something along with millions of other fellow Americans, something that is immeasurably meaningful: Democracy.”



Of course, the oft-repeated excuse is that one’s individual vote, in this Republic, just doesn’t seem to matter all that much. But with so many dubious/dangerous political machinations going on behind the scenes, and with so, so much at stake right now (women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, foreign policy), it’s never been more exigent, or more crucial to have your voice heard.

“If voting didn’t matter so much,” she stresses, “why on earth would people fight so hard to be able to do it? Some people risk their lives to be able to vote. In America, our votes make a difference! It’s wonderful and precious to be able to safely engage in democracy and it’s something I believe we should not take for granted by forfeiting the opportunity.”

To emphasize her point, she urges everyone to watch the short video of Fannie Lou Harner testifying before the 1964 Democratic National Convention, regarding violence against black voters in Mississippi. Remember how hard some had to fight just to be able to vote.

And the music? Her stunningly realized self-titled EP was released this past March, including the visceral single “Everest” – surely one of Chrysta Bell’s most chillingly powerful vocal performances to date. Her 2017 album We Dissolve also comes highly recommended by this publication.



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