Boy George & Culture Club Have an Exuberant New Single: ‘Let Somebody Love You’


One of the truly inspirational modern comeback stories was that of the beloved Boy George. Surely one of the five or six biggest pop stars of the ’80s, he eventually spiraled into serious drug abuse, popping back up here and there to sometimes impressive musical effect. Indeed, no one has ever doubted his talents.

Now, in 2018, the Boy is back with his original Culture Club mates (Roy Hay, Michael Craig, Jon Moss), and touring America to rapturous reception. Fittingly, the band’s first new single in 20 years, is titled “Let Somebody Love You” – something which George has seemed to long struggle with.

The track, a veritable new paradigm of the classic Culture Club aesthetic, is an uplifting, reggae tinged gem, with George exuberantly exclaiming “Love is a revolution.” And isn’t it though?

The band have another 58 North American and UK dates ahead, finishing up in Glasgow November 22nd. A full new album, Life, will be released October 26.


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