BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Bizarrely Provocative Video for the New Princess Single ‘Party Party Party’



With the possibility of 13 more months of divisive political warfare ahead, we couldn’t think of a better philosophical counter than, “Party Party Party” – which just happens to be the name of the bizarrely provocative new Princess single.

The duo of Michael O’Neill (founding member of JD Samson & MEN, collaborator with The Gossip, CSS and Peaches) and contemporary artist Alexis Gideon, who has exhibited everywhere from Boston to Stockholm to Málaga, their “concept” album Out There will be released this November 1. And in the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the outlandish, dayglo new video for “Party Party Party” – which we can only describe as some surreal midpoint between John Waters, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Teletubbies.



The jittery synth-pop track nods to the likes of Sparks and Devo, with sardonic lyrics, cooly monotone vocals and, well, a xylophone. More importantly, it has a zeitgeisty message for our times.

“‘Party Party Party’ is a metaphor for escapism in our culture,” explains O’Neill. “From a place of privilege, we often take part in emotional avoidance and we neglect important issues. Perhaps it’s a necessity in this extremely damaged world?  The video uses irony to explore our own toxic masculinity in an effort to take responsibility as men.”

We’re considering forwarding a copy to the White House.


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