BlackBook Film Spotlight: ‘On the Basis of Sex’



2018 was surely the year of female empowerment. Between the #MeToo movement, countless women’s marches, and some sassy girl power bops, women have been kicking ass and taking names. But where might we be without one particular Supreme Court badass to have laid the groundwork? And if you do not know the tale of The Notorious RBG, the new film On The Basis Of Sex will get you right up to date.

The biopic shares the inspiring and true story of lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as she teams with her husband Marty (played by Armie Hammer) to bring justice to society and overturn a century of gender discrimination.

While we’re not sure if RBG ever rocked the exact wardrobe of Felicity Jones (who plays her in the film), her determined and ball-busting attitude is most definitely well depicted throughout; the actress conveys her strength and wit in virtually every scene. Highlighting the struggles of being a working mom and wife, you can’t help but fall in love with Hammer’s portrayal of Marty, who supports and encourages her to go out and change the world for the better.



And that she did. The film shows how she never missed a day of work throughout her 25 years on the bench. Indeed, just the other day, the real life RBG was back working just a mere 72 hours after undergoing surgery for lung cancer; as Twitter imploded with get well wishes and “please live forever” pleas, one user declared, “RBG fighting cancer and Trumpism simultaneously.” That’s our girl,

Accompanying the film is an empowering song by none other than Kesha, who has also been a female role model over this past year. Titled “Here Comes The Change,” it’s a raw and moving anthem, and a fitting musical accompaniment to a singularly inspiring story.

On The Basis Of Sex opened Tuesday, December 26th, and stars Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Sam Waterston and Kathy Bates.



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