Bearded Eurovision, Stolen Bikes + London Billionaires

Bearded Austrian Drag Queen Wins Eurovision
For the first in nearly three decades, Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest — and it was all thanks to a bearded drag queen.

Ukraine Forces Open Fire on Crowd
The Ukrainian national guard opened fire Sunday on a crowd outside a town hall in eastern Ukraine.

Nigeria Refused Help Finding Girls
Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan is already under fire for delays in the search for the over 300 kidnapped school girls and ignoring warnings leading up to it.

London Has the Most Billionaires
Conversely, it also has the most wankers.

How To Get Your Bike Back After It’s Been Stolen
Less than half of stolen bicycles are recovered by police and barely 5 percent are reunited with their owners.

Inside The NYPD’s Program To Recruit Muslims Informers
The Police Department’s anti-terrorism unit combs the city’s jails for Muslim immigrants to see if any might be persuaded to become police informants.

Putin Is As Good At Hockey As He Is At Bare-Chested Horseback Riding
The Russian president scored multiple goals and managed to glide down the ice very slowly, with the opposing team watching from a safe distance.

ReBar Owner Owed IRS Millions, Claim Former Employees
Former reBar owner Jason Stevens has seemingly disappeared.


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