American Horror: ‘The Lodge’ & ‘The Turning’ Will be Terrifying Us in the New Year

The Turning



It’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying than the thought of how weak the field of Democratic candidates are, one of whom we have to count on to beat Trump in next November’s presidential election. But 2020 has a few serious scares to throw our way well before then – with the January and February movie release slates notably featuring The Turning and The Lodge, respectively.

The Turning is from Canadian-Italian director Floria Sigismondi, always well-regarded for her fearless plunges into the more caliginous depths of existence (as well as her astonishing music videos for Bowie, Björk, Marilyn Manson). Here, she updates the 1898 Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw to terrifying effect.



In it Mackenzie Davis (from AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire) plays a nanny named Kate, arriving at a creepy old Maine estate to look after a pair of orphaned young children – played by Brooklynn Prince and Stranger Things‘ Finn Wohlfard.

Sigismondi cleverly sets it in the 1990s, to strip away the distraction of technology – and possibly to also make it seem like it’s older than it really is. Kate, of course, begins to realize there is something peculiar about the children, and even more so about the gruesome old mansion – and considerable terror slowly unfolds.

The Turning will be released into theaters January 24.



Following shortly after, The Lodge is a bit more of a psychological horror; but once again it is one woman, two children thrown together in a really creepy situation. Riley Keough plays Grace, the new girlfriend of father-of-two Richard (Richard Armitage of Berlin Station) – and she also just happens to have once been a member of some bizarre Evangelical death cult. The three are left snowbound in a remote winter cabin when Richard needs to leave suddenly for business.



What ensues is a tumult of mindfucks and suspicions, with little clarity as to whom amongst them is the genuine threat. The kids discover that Grace, at just 12-years-old, was the only survivor of the cult’s media-documented mass suicide (hmm…). And of course, with the weather trapping the three in the cold, menacing house, things begin to quickly unravel.

The Lodge will be released into theaters February 7.



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