Altice One: The New Binge-Watching Culture Gets a New Technology

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Westworld, HBO


With the 2018 Emmy nominations being announced last week, surely binge-watching will be at an all-time high – as everyone tries to catch up on those shows that will be in contention for the biggest awards.

Of course, all this television fervor would have been nearly impossible to imagine even just fifteen years ago. At that time, HBO and Showtime went head-to-head with a handful of groundbreaking shows (remember Six Feet Under?), each that were challenging the primacy and dominance of the major networks. There was even a zeitgeisty slogan: “It’s Not TV…it’s HBO.”

Yet for the most part, it was still a wasteland of cheesy reality TV, dull cooking shows, and clichéd sitcoms and dramas.

But with the rise of Amazon, Netflix and Hulu – and with cable networks like AMC and FX producing must-see series’, we’re now all officially obsessed with the small screen. And we are indeed staying in, binge-watching, rather than going out on the town. So it’s probably time we reconsidered the technology we are using to view it all.


Killing Eve, BBC


Enter Altice One, from Optimum – a little black box that tidily combines cable set top, WiFi, router and streaming service device – especially great if you’re a neat freak who hates all those sloppy, bulky devices. (And of course, those dreaded ugly wires.) Even better, if you find yourself perpetually at odds with the labyrinthine nature of Verizon Fios pricing, it’s a great time to consider a change.

What do you get? 4K Ultra HD video; faster broadband; a centralized “command center” with voice activation (nicely futuristic, right?); Cloud DVR, so serious TV junkies can record 15 shows at once (though don’t forget to feed the cat); the ability to hook up high quality audio, especially urgent if you’re a fan of action films and epic series’ like Game of Thrones; and improved functionality and better organization all the way around.

If you haven’t marked it on your calendar already, the 2018 Emmys ceremony will take place September 17. So you have two months to catch up on the likes of Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, Killing Eve and The Crown – and thus be able to smartly make your own predictions. (For the record, we’re pretty confident of ours.)

Thankfully now, there’s a better way to do it.


The Crown, Netflix