A Present For Yourself: New Order Will Release ‘Movement: The Definitive Edition’ Box Set in 2019


As we’ve generally come to know, the business of “re-issue, re-package, re-package!” mostly comes down to employing the proper hyperbolic adjectives; let’s face it: “Deluxe Edition” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

And so it is with this impressive Rhino update of New Order‘s landmark debut full length. Indeed, Movement: The Definitive Edition (to be released April 5, 2019) is genuinely what it promises: the now seemingly unchallengeable repackaging of the album that came to define English post-punk’s “grey overcoat” brigade. Curiously, there has never been a real consensus on their recording apotheosis (we tilt a bit towards 1983’s Power, Corruption and Lies) – but Movement and its veritable documentation of a band crawling from the wreckage of Joy Division in the wake of Ian Curtis’ heartrending suicide is powerful, visceral stuff, to be sure.

What’s included? Several versions of the by now classics of sonic solemnity “Ceremony” and, especially, “Temptation,” with its haunting refrain of “Up, down, turn around / Please don’t let me hit the ground / Tonight I think I’ll walk alone / I’ll find my soul as I go home.” The somber “Everything’s Gone Green” appears in a Belgium-only 12″ version from December 1981. There are also BBC sessions and Granada TV sessions (where the late Factory Records founder Tony Wilson had a show) – as well as live versions of “Procession,” “In a Lonely Place,” and “Truth,” recorded between ’81 and ’83 in Paris, Toronto, Minneapolis, and, naturally, the Hacienda in Manchester. All smartly, poignantly curated and assembled.

New Order, who have been busy touring without Peter Hook, will play the Fillmore Miami Beach in January. And looking ahead, they’re already begun securing spring/summer 2019 festival dates in Europe – so start booking those hotel rooms in Lucca, Dublin and Montpellier now.


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