A Bowie Themed Cocktail Bar Will be Opening in London


When David Bowie made the decision to retire the character of Ziggy Stardust in 1973, he did so with a now legendary concert at the Hammersmith Odeon. But the after party had been just as carefully considered – and was thusly carried out in outlandish fashion at the legendary Cafe Royal, appropriately once a haunt of Oscar Wilde.

In 2012, the hallowed space was swallowed up into the opening of the rather impressive Hotel Cafe Royal, a plush Soho boutique sleep owned by The Set Hotels group, who have also recently made over Paris’ storied¬†Lutetia hotel. The cafe itself also retained the name, but was glammed up for the entertainment of the new international jet set.

Now the hotel will open a new bar, the not-mysteriously-monikered Ziggy’s, styled around the late, ethereal leader of The Spiders From Mars. As one might expect, the establishment will be decked out in photos by the venerable¬†Mick Rock, Bowie’s “official” photographer back in those fabled days. Cocktails will also nod to the theme, drawing on song lyrics from the album – Darkness and Disgrace, Tigers of Vaseline, Animal Grace – without necessarily fully revisiting the illicit decadence of a 1970s rock & roll after party.

Ziggy’s will open September 20. The clock waits so patiently on you…

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