7 Larry Kramer #LoveWins Quotes, or Why He’s the Smartest Gay in the Village

Larry Kramer New Book
Larry Kramer, photo via Wikipedia

Writer and activist Larry Kramer is the subject of an upcoming HBO biopic and author of a new book. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter promoting both, Kramer shows why the fire in his belly that started ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) hasn’t been extinguished yet.

In a totally unapologetic manner, he talks about everything from Abraham Lincoln’s homosexuality, to Alexander Hamilton’s homosexuality, to Katharine Hepburn’s homosexuality, to Spencer Tracy’s homosexuality, to…well, everybody’s homosexuality. Below are some highlights that show why he’s the smartest gay in the village:

On the next generation of gays:

I’m happy that this new generation of kids won’t be condemned to the same unhappiness as I was.

On his new book:

I was tired of reading history books written by straight people who seem unaware that homosexuals ever existed.

On a queer perspective of history:

…[H]istorians always assume the heterosexuality of their subjects, sometimes in direct contradiction of available facts and evidence.

On Alexander Hamilton’s sexual orientation:

During the war, he wrote lots of love letters to a fellow officer whom he was very much in love with, a man who got killed during the war.

On Hollywood:

The truth is, Hollywood has always been a gay town. Even in the ’30s and ’40s, there were plenty of famous gay actors and directors who partied and socialized together. Cary Grant. Randolph Scott. Barbara Stanwyck.

On the tensions between art and politics:

In countries like France or Germany or South America, novelists regularly write about society and politics. And they’re not shut out of the mainstream because of it. It’s different here in America.

On if the recent SCOTUS decision gave him closure:

This has been an astounding week, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels.

Read the whole interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

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