The Cure Announce ‘Disintegration’ 30th Anniversary Shows


No sooner had we begun to ponder the question, than came the thrilling announcement that The Cure were in fact paying their landmark 1989 album Disintegration its proper 30th anniversary due.

Indeed, Robert Smith and cohort have just divulged that this coming May 24-28, they will play a series of four obviously monumental concerts under the title Disintegration – 30th Anniversary, at the equally monumental Sydney Opera House, as part of the annual Vivid Live festival.

Disintegration, indisputably, is one of the important records ever to be set to tape – and for the dark-hearted, is the absolute pinnacle of everything that matters viscerally, aesthetically, psychologically. From the desperate longing of “Pictures of You,” to the eerie musings of “Lullaby,” to the majestic chill of “Plainsong,” to the enigmatic cool of “Fascination Street,” it remains the standard bearer for all those lurking on the more haunted perimeters of existence.



Smith himself refers to the success of The Cure’s 2011 Reflections tour, for which they played their first three albums in full – and which was also kicked off with a pair of shows at the Sydney Opera House.

“Our Reflections shows in 2011 were truly memorable experiences,” he says. “And with the excitement surrounding those early album performances in mind, we are more than delighted to be announcing our return in May to present the world premiere of Disintegration – 30th Anniversary.”

He also teased that these will be “the world premiere of these performances.” And so despite a busy festival/touring schedule this summer, one expects they will indeed be taking the Disintegration shows around the world. For our part, we’re already shivering with anticipation.

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