New Janelle Monáe Single ‘Turntables’ Wants to Spark a Revolution at the Polls




The heartbreaking yet genuinely inspirational new documentary All In: The Fight For Democracy tells the often shocking story of the history of blatantly racist voter suppression in America, via Stacey Abrams’ 2018 run for the Georgia Governorship (it’s not a secret that the election was literally stolen away from her). It sets it all up in a particularly chilling way for the already-in-motion efforts to suppress the black vote leading up to the presidential election in November—possibly the most crucial in America’s entire history.

And these days, where there’s smoke, you can probably find return fire from the endlessly awesome and fiercely fearless Janelle Monáe. The confrontational songstress, in fact, recorded a new single for the doc, tellingly titled “Turntables.” It’s not, as one might guess, about spinning vinyl. Rather, it’s a rallying cry to storm the polls and once and for all turn the tables on an increasingly fascist regime, one that will seemingly stop at nothing to stay in power.

But as Ms. Monae makes clear, they’re going to have to go through her first.


“I keep my hands dirty, my mind clean
Got a new agenda with a new dream, uh
I’m kickin’ out the old regime
Liberation, elevation, education
America, you a lie
But the whole world ’bout to testify
I said, the wholе world ’bout to testify
And the tables ’bout to
T-t-tablеs ’bout to turn”


Obviously, our money is on Janelle.


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