New App Offers Network of Mental Health Support

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Photo courtesy of Huddle


Although the stigma around mental health is slowly lifting, social media remains an often toxic environment for those seeking support. Celebrities have begun using their platforms to start conversations on the topic, and viral hashtags are encouraging many to come forward with their own experiences. But sites like Twitter and Instagram can cultivate a divisive atmosphere.

Huddle is a new app that seeks to offer that support – it allows users to upload videos in which they share their stories. And pixelation lets people remain as anonymous as they prefer with their testimonials. The space invites other users with similar experiences to offer resources and messages of support; and with a zero-tolerance policy against harmful or negative behavior, it provides a safe space for its members. Currently, there are active communities on the app discussing topics in regards to LGBTQ issues, racism, addiction, sexual assault, depression, stress, anxiety, body positivity, and more.

“Huddle is the only social platform where talking about mental health issues is encouraged, and being vulnerable is celebrated,” says co-founder Dan Blackman. “It’s a unique place where real connections can be made with people that are ready to support – and we aren’t seeing this on any other platform. Places like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are are not set up to encourage users to talk and connect through real life struggles. But Huddle is a place to share where you’ve been, and to connect with people who have been there too.”

“The internet has always been a great connector of people,” adds co-founder Tyler Faux. “With Huddle, we’re using the camera in our phones to emulate the humanity and positivity of in-person support groups necessary for some of the most important conversations of our users’ lives. We’ve been thrilled to see Huddle resonate so strongly in the thousands of discussions taking place today, and are looking forward to continue growing our nascent community.”

Huddle is now available for download.