Fierce x 5: Madame Gandhi Releases New ‘Young Indian’ Remix EP



Interviewing her two months into the pandemic lockdowns this past May, Madame Gandhi‘s words of distinctive wisdom were veritably like therapy for our wounded psyches. She talked about her musical mission to, “Get people dancing and feeling happy, while still opening up their channels to receive new information,” and explained how she is “passionate about women and femmes and gender non-conforming folks and queer folks and being able to feel the true empowerment of our spirit.”

It was just a small window into the all around awesomeness that is the woman who has graduated from Harvard Business School, drummed with the notorious M.I.A., shared a stage with Oprah, and just this year been named a TED Fellow. As to the latter, her August TED Talk, unflinchingly titled, “Why We Must Stop Dancing to The Sound of Our Oppression!,” laid out a veritable manifesto on music as a force for liberation.



And we can very much confirm that her music alone makes this current shambles of a world just a little better place to live in. To that end, she’s just released Young Indian Reimagined, a collection of five electrifyingly realized new remixes of her fierce 2019 single “Young Indian,” all submitted by relatively unknown remixing talents via the Native Instruments community platform Metapop. Exposing the underlying versatility of the song, each represents a particular style of percussive dance music, including Afrobeat, Bhangra, Salsa… Our particular fave is Sabrina Sabotage’s Reggaeton mix, which infuses the tune with a dark sensuality.

Madame Gandhi explains, “As a producer, I wanted to hold a remix competition to see where else we could take the song, and to connect with new collaborators digitally during this time of quarantine. I’m hype for you all to experience Young Indian Reimagined, and travel around the world with me as we experience the track through multiple genres.”

If you find you can’t get enough of her inimitable brilliance—and you missed it when it actually happened this past June—do check out her dazzling NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. And, well, if the past six months have been any indiction, expect much more from her before 2020 is finally behind us.


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