Hamptons Weekend Surfing and Fishing Report From FPSS

Hi everyone, Shane here checking in from FPSS (Flying Point Surf School) with the local surf and fishing conditions for the upcoming weekend, June 26 through 28.

Hoping for sunshine because the waves are going to be perfect for all you beginners during the first half of the weekend! Be careful on Sunday as a big wind-swell starts to fill in. Look for lots of current and wind. It will be for more experienced surfers only.

And for all of you aspiring fishermen, I’ve got some fishing tips straight from our captains at Flying Point Fishing Camp! Don’t forget your chum this weekend as the tides head out because it’s FEEDING TIME!! We’ve noticed tons of striped bass and blue fish casting from the boat with small swimming plugs. We’ve also done well with a parachute lure on a wire line trolling. Never fear, the porgies are here! For all of you inshore fishing folk, our favorite bait is bloodworms and squid. Make sure you have enough lead to keep your line straight up and down and the outgoing tide has been best. Guaranteed to catch a big one and make a splash!

Make sure to check back every Friday for your updated local surf and fishing conditions and also make sure to check out our website to join us for a summer of sunshine, saltwater, and smiles that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Read more about Flying Point Surf School here.

Friday : AM 1-2 ft waves | PM 1-2 ft waves
Semi clean and semi bumpy conditions in the mornings with S/SSW winds less than 5mph.
Knee high short period wind swell mix will turn more SE throughout the day.
Choppy, side shore currents will become apparent in the afternoon with shifting 10-15mph N/NE winds.
High Tide: 2:52AM & 3:36PM | Low Tide: 9:01AM & 9:44PM
Temp High: 72 F | Temp Low: 60 F | UV Index: 8 out of 10 | Winds: E/NE 9MPH

Saturday: AM 3 ft waves | PM 3 ft waves
The swell will be coming from S/SE in the morning.
Waist high short period wind swell with the occasional stomach set. Light side shore texture.
Choppy current conditions with shifting 10-15 MPH E/SE winds for the afternoon.
High Tide: 3:47AM & 4:26PM | Low Tide: 9:49AM & 10:34PM
Temp High: 70 F | Temp Low: 65 F | UV Index: 5 out of 10 | Winds: E/SE 22MPH

Sunday: AM 2-4 ft waves | PM 4-5 ft waves
Waist to chest high short period wind swells will be evident throughout the morning.
S/SE winds will turn mainly S through the afternoon making for chest to head high range wave conditions in the evening.
The afternoon swell will be notably bumpy due to S/SW 10-15 MPH winds.
High Tide: 4:43AM & 5:15PM | Low Tide: 10:36AM & 11:23PM
Temp High: 77 F | Temp Low: 63 F | UV Index: 7 out of 10 | Winds: W/SW 13MPH

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