Fatty Sundays Is a Brooklyn-Based Brand Giving You a Reason to Snack

Despite a general movement towards healthful eating, there’s no better time than now — when Instagram rules supreme in our social media-driven lives, there’s such a thing as food porn, and a well-styled photo of an ice cream cone is considered an art — to be the creator of a gourmet snack. Classic kitchen-pantry items with an edge are cool and in demand, as Ali and Lauren Borowick, the sisters behind Brooklyn-based Fatty Sundays are learning. Their product? Chocolate-covered pretzels.

The story of Fatty Sundays is what every household baker with Smorgasburg dreams aspires towards. Four years ago, Ali was working full-time as a graphic designer and Lauren was studying at Cornell when they started talking about their mom’s chocolate-covered pretzels, a homemade staple in their Long Island kitchen. What if they recreated that care package centerpiece, but treated it differently? That is, with more toppings.

The more they talked about their idea, the more excited they got. They invited friends over for a sampling party to taste more than twenty varieties of pretzels, first dipped in chocolate (dark, milk, or white) then complemented with another topping. Sprinkles, toffee, and peanut butter and jelly made the cut; pina colada did not. Once they had ten or so flavors that were crowd pleasers, they seriously thought about bringing their snack to market.

“My sister was about to graduate college with a degree in accounting and a job lined up, but she had an epiphany and called me,” says Ali. Lauren deferred her offer a year, Ali left her job, and so began Fatty Sundays, named after that day of rest when all discipline goes out the door. They rented a commercial cooking space in Queens and started small by bringing their first round of goods to local markets. After that, they got a space at the Union Square Holiday Market, their first big market. “It was the best thing we could’ve done to get the word out. The whole idea of sampling something is huge in launching a project — people need to try it,” says Ali.

Chances are that you’ll like, and eat with little to no self-control, Fatty Sundays’ dipped confections. Three years after they turned their kitchen-table idea into a full-on business, Ali and Lauren are bonafide Brooklyn makers with global appeal. “Our company started here, and we’re part of that Brooklyn ‘thing’ that’s happening, but there’s no reason why people all over the country can’t treat our pretzels as a daily or weekly snack,” says Ali. The pretzels are available online and in stores all over, and they’ve gotten interest from buyers in Japan, England, and Dubai. Though she cites word of mouth as the key to their public relations success, the drool-inducing photos she posts to the brand’s Instagram account may have something to do with the rising demand.

With offices in South Williamsburg, the Borowick sisters know their way around Brooklyn. We got them to share a few of their favorite spots to eat and drink. Check them out below:


Almondine Bakery

85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

“The most delicious baguettes and bread. All freshly baked on premises. Get there by 9am on weekend mornings before they sell out of the good stuff!”

ZiZi Limona

129 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

“Incredible Mediterranean style home cooking taken up a notch. We’re suckers for good hummus and yummy dips!”

Brooklyn Roasting Company

25 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

“An Almond Mezzo from there basically guarantees you will have a fantastic day.”

Ample Hills 

8 Joralemon Street, Pier 5, New York, NY 11201

“Our all time favorite ice cream spot. Their flavor list is incredible… Peppermint Patty and Dark Chocolate all. the. way.”

Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket
On the Plaza at Court Street and Montague Street, Brooklyn
“On Saturdays you can snag the cutest bouquets of fresh cut flowers.”


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