#Squadsgiving is Coming to Ruin Your Holiday Weekend

Many who live in New York know the sheer joy that is Friendsgiving. Those who are sad they cannot spend the holiday overeating with loved ones find comfort in their makeshift local families, and those who would rather starve than deal with the dysfunctional folks from whence they came can eat their turkey in peace, knowing their family is at a safe distance. The cutesy name commonly used to describe spending thanksgiving with friends (which probably predates hashtags) is self-explanatory and appropriately adorable.

Enter #Squadsgiving, Friendsgiving’s bitchier, more social media savvy younger sister. It’s a hashtag that’s already been popping up best online casino on Instagram feeds, even though the holiday from which it derives isn’t until tomorrow.

While Friendsgiving was all about eating until you feel nauseous (and not necessarily the Thanksgiving classics—feel like eating pizza or Chinese instead? Go nuts, Mom and Dad aren’t here to stop you), drinking until you, well, feel nauseous and spending time with the people you spend all your free time with anyway, #Squadsgiving is about something else entirely. It’s about how this formerly heartfelt ritual appears to the outside world, as those in attendance gram, tweet and hashtag their way through the holiday.

A quick glance at those already using the dreadful term reveals bros praying over pizzaPinterest-worthy pies and, of course, lots of girls all glammed up making duck faces. Please, let’s stop this trend before it starts. Just say no to #Squadsgiving.

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