Is Wendy Bevan the New Siouxsie Sioux? BlackBook Premieres New EP ‘Sweet Dedication’

“Burn down the houses where once I lay dreaming,” Wendy Bevan hauntedly implores on her strikingly evocative new single “Sweet Dedication.” The shadowy Brit beauty (who’s also appeared in the alt theatre production Sleep No More) cites a particularly lugubrious cast of influences, including Depeche Mode, Suicide and The Cure.

And the song—produced by Nouvelle Vague’s Marc Collin—resulted from a read of Aleister Crowley’s brilliantly sinister Book Of Lies. It’s part of the eponymous EP, released Friday though Kwaidan Records/K7 Records. It will also appear on her debut album, Rose and Thorn, due this autumn.

Like her forebears, she has a gift for funereally romantic imagery. And the track’s minimalist rhythms, spooky organ breaks and echo-drenched guitars hit all the most sublime gothic notes. But it’s her astonishingly eerie ability to channel Siouxsie Sioux that is most startling, rising far above so many pale imitators.

Indeed, in a most Sioux-like turn of phrase, Bevan despairs, “I drank all night and danced with doubt / She never forgives.” Pray for her.

Listen to the BlackBook premiere of her three song EP, below:

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