It Turns out that High-Luxe Vapes Are Essential Music Fest Gear—Our Report from the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

The Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith and more headlined San Francisco’s music and art festival, Outside Lands, over the wild/wonderful weekend. So did our girl, Mary Jane, because 1) What’s a music festival without pot? 2) Who the fuck wouldn’t wanna get higher than a rocket whilst Sir Elton John belts out “Rocket Man” in the majestic Golden Gate Park? *Crickets* Also, besides Elton’s bedazzled blazer, it’s imperative for us to shout out the stoner mecca that was Chocolate Lands, a magical munchies-friendly section in the forest featuring many a sugary sensation. Take notes, Coachella.

After the show, it was the after-party. And there was nothing quite like the buzz-y bash hosted by the world’s leading luxe vape company, PAX, which has been killing it at all the summer’s dopest music festivals including Lollapalooza and Coachella, and whose fans include Childish Gambino, A-Trak, and Miguel. And apparently also Toro y Moi, who was the evening’s surprise DJ. VIPs took advantage of open bar (I’m still hungover) and vaped it up as DJs Dials, Guillaume, Steele, and (my new crush) Chaz Bundick AKA Toro y Moi, got the crowd in a total tizzy on the rave-y dance floor. Thank you, Chaz, for the sick early aughts-heavy bangers — specifically the Britney gem or two. Also, props for killing it in that sartorial-slaying fleece and mandal combo. You win.

PAX + Toro Y Moi San Francisco 8/8

In short, we left our hearts/minds in San Francisco. Also, we’d like to express our gratitude to the ganga gods — if only we had vapes circa high school. (Don’t even pretend you didn’t also hot-box your mom’s car via fat blunts while paranoidly rolling up to the hiiigh school parking lot. Oops!)

Until the next #PartyWithPax, we’ll leave you with some photos of the bash, and a stoner-friendly, mid-week blues-curing playlist. You’re welcome.

PAX + Toro Y Moi San Francisco 8/8 PAX + Toro Y Moi San Francisco 8/8

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