Harry and Peter Brant Land MAC Collaboration

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Photo via @maccosmetics on Instagram

MAC Cosmetics, known for partnering with female pop stars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, has a new a new collaboration with brothers Harry and Peter Brant. Giving Paris and Nicky Hilton a run for their money with their mom Stephanie Seymour’s supermodel looks and their dad Peter Brant’s knack for art, the boys bring a young and eclectic sensibility to the brand’s first (if not, most prominent) men’s collaboration.

Peter thinks using the products is “like being an archeologist for your face”:

It’s about helping people find the features they like the most about themselves, and accentuating them in the best, most flattering way.

Harry emphasizes that the collection is about looking good for oneself, not for other people:

The point of the whole collection is that it’s for you. It’s not about doing it for anyone else, to please anyone else, it’s just because you like the way it alters your appearance. It’s hot.

Shop the collection here!