BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Video For Prinze George’s ‘Freeze’

At this point, one could hardly be expected to feign interest in yet another twee indie-folk band coming out of Bushwick or Silver Lake. But while we were thinking that perhaps our next great music crush might be from El Salvador or Estonia, they are, in fact, from Maryland.

Indeed, the rather augustly monikered Prinze George have stolen our hearts and our eardrums with their recently released debut EP Illiterate Synth Pop. The trio consists of Kenny Grimm (production/instrumental), Isabelle De Leon (drums) and Naomi Almquist (vocals), and they play dreamy electro pop that is rife with longing, youthful uncertainty and, well, unforgettable hooks.

Almquist enlightens that the record is, “A panorama of the people we grew up with and the places we’ve travelled to with them. Coming of age, love, loneliness and feeling stuck are frequent themes.”

We’re privileged to premiere here the hypnotic video for the strikingly ethereal single “Freeze,” with its classic Pet Shop Boys style production and a cinematic sweep that recalls Ray of Light era Madonna.

Their 18-date fall tour will take them from the Austin City Limits Festival on 9/30, to Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, West Hollywood and then ending up in San Diego on November 6.

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