BlackBook Premiere: Gorgeous New Handsome Ghost Track, ‘Eyes Wide’ (Listen)

Once a Bronx English teacher, Tim Noyes caught the attention of musical trendspotters in spring of last year, when the demo version of his band Handsome Ghost’s track “Blood Stutter” racked up more than seven million listens on Spotify. First making their mark on the Northeast indie-folk scene, they now can boast an impressive label deal (Photo Finish). Leading up to the release of their 2015 debut EP (which, by the way, got more than 22 million spins on Spotify), BlackBook called them “emotional, melancholic, curious.”

But an interim synth pop fetish has significantly evolved their musical purview. And indeed, the latest Handsome Ghost track, the rather appropriately titled “Eyes Wide (feat. Whole Doubts),” finds Noyes’ vocal approach maturing into a sort of sensual neo-soul…while the band sonically proffers a more magnificently lush, romantic sonic palette. With its African influenced rhythmic undercurrent, it distinctly recalls Peter Gabriel.

A full debut album comes later this summer. But in the meantime, they will embark on a summer tour with Melanie Martinez, with the first show happening on July 21 in Providence.

Listen to the BlackBook premiere of Handsome Ghost’s “Eyes Wide,” below:

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