BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Effie Liu’s Debut EP ‘Magenta Agenda’

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Image by Shirley Yu

It may be summer, but these are dark, dark days indeed. Civil wars, terrorism, deadly floods…and perhaps our most divisive ever Presidential campaign. Is it any wonder we’d want to slip into something, well, pink and sexy?

The Cali-raised and Brooklyn-based (Nicola Formichetti fave) singer and glamorously flamboyant style muse Effie Liu – even her name is funtabulous – made her rep as a member of indie darlings French Horn Rebellion (she also had a track, “Gimme All Your Money,” featured on Broad City). But with the official release later this week of her truly self-definingly titled EP Magenta Agenda, she’s on the verge, surely, of total breakout stardom.

Fuchsia-fabulous but Teflon-tough, her reggae-grooved, punky-iconoclastic tunes are as much defiant, autobiographical fables as they are a showcase for her remarkable skill with an unstoppable hook. The impossibly infectious “Games,” for instance, marries an exuberant calypso cool with an uncompromising  demand for respect – a late summer anthem if ever.

So turn off the grim television news, step out of the dark, and into the…Magenta!