BlackBook Premiere: Bizarre New Video For Robbing Millions’ “8 Is The Figure That I Like The Most”

The media has actively cultivated fear and worry in the wake of the March 22 Brussels terrorist attacks—when it would surely be best to return to focusing on the Belgian culture and joie de vivre that more vividly defines day to day life in the city.

And in fact, the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek, around which has stirred so much recent controversy, is actually home to a growing creative community (the excellent new MIMA urban art museum just debuted there in April). And out of that comes Robbing Millions, the distinctly artful indie pop act centered around songwriters Lucien Fraipont and Gaspard Ryelandt.

Their new, dreamlike track “8 Is The Figure That I Like The Most” recalls the more blithe practitioners of shoegaze, but mixes it up with slick funk grooves, androgynous vocals and a strange psychedelic undercurrent. The video for the song (which we premiere here), directed by Belgian photographer and aesthetic provocateur Marine Dricot, appears to be something like a spontaneous art party in a dayglo psyche ward.

For vinyl fanatics, on May 28 Brussels label I Will Play This Song Once Again Records will release eight exclusive pressings, each containing a unique recording of the song. In the meanwhile, the band will be appearing live at Paris’ hyper trendy Silencio club tonight, May 24.

Check out the BlackBook premiere of the video for  “8 Is The Figure That I Like The Most.”



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