Björk Declares War on Icelandic Government, Proposes New National Park

Image via Instagram

Vulnicura singer Björk held a press conference today in her Iceland native, asking the world for support in resisting a government plan to build an overhead power line across the country. “Iceland has now the largest untouched nature in Europe,” she explained. “This would end that.”

With only 11 days left to protest the initiative, Björk announced her plans to demand a national park in Iceland’s highlands—a movement that, if successful, would halt plans to build more than 50 dams and power plants throughout the country. “We ask the world to support us against our government,” she pled on behalf of Project the Park, an Icelandic wildlife preservation group. “Help us to protect our wilderness.”

Björk isn’t alone in this thinking. About 80 percent of Icelanders are in support of Project the Park’s proposition for a national park, especially considering the country’s sheer inability to provide energy to building such an expansive project. According to Dazed90 percent of Iceland’s available power already goes to heavy industry.

“I’ve decided to put all my energy into Iceland and all my time away from my music I’ve put into this battle,” Björk said. “I can be more valuable here in Iceland and get more done than if I were to fly around the world and fight global warming. We’re all doing this in our free time—we’re volunteers. We’re artists pretending we’re really good at statistics.”

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