Why Was Alexander Skarsgård Dressed In Drag Last Night?

Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgård via Wikipedia 


At the San Francisco premiere of The Diary of a Teenage Girl last night, virile vampire Alexander Skarsgård ditched the requisite black or navy suit and donned something much more…fabulous. Serving up her best Farrah Fawcett realness, Skarsgård joined the rest of the cast in dressing in ’70s styles in honor of the movie’s era. Of course, decked out in a gold sequined gown, hoop earrings and hair for the gods, he took it one step further. And we couldn’t be happier.

There’s no info on why exactly Skarsgård decided to tuck, but E! speculates it was in honor of Peaches Christ, a legendary San Francisco drag queen who co-stars as a transvestite in The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Considering the venue, that seems entirely plausible. 

As spectacular as she looks, (no T, no shade) we think her jaw could have been contoured a bit more, and a gown with sleeves would have covered up those masculine guns…she’s not THAT fishy, unfortunately. But we can’t be too hard on a girl’s first time in drag.

Gaze on her sickening look below:




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