Zombie Johnny Cash Will Walk the Line, Eat Your Brains

After playing to a crowd of hardened criminals at Folsom Prison, rising from the dead and playing a gig in Brooklyn seems like a piece of cake, no? Halloween is the time of year where zombies and discussion of the zombie apocalypse come back into vogue, zombie-horde flashmobs take over city centers and everyone dresses as "Zombie ____" for Halloween. Zombie Elvis, Zombie Steve Jobs, Zombie Ronald Reagan, and so on.

Musician Steve Sasso has taken this trend to heart — or rather, the hollow, rotting place in the chests of the undead where a heart would normally go — and is performing next weekend as one of American music’s most frequently zombified figures. Sasso, as Zombie Johnny Cash, will play a Halloween show at Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theater on Saturday the 27th, featuring reimaginations of Cash’s classics including "Cry, Cry, Cry (Die, Die, Die)" and "I Walk The Line (I Eat Your Brains)." We can only see where this is headed: "I keep a close watch on this heart of mmmmrrrrrarrrrrghhhhhhhh…" No word yet on if Sasso will have a Zombie June Carter Cash performing with him, although there will be a costume party if you wish to channel the undead rock star of your choice.

Fittingly enough, Johnny Cash does soundtrack quite a few YouTube montages of zombie movies and television shows. Here’s his "Where The Man Comes Around" set to scenes from Dawn of the Dead.

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