Your Late Summer Chillout Albums Have Arrived

When warm weather first rolls around, we tend to want what are affectionately known as “summer jams”—those impossibly huge and sometimes-ubiquitous hit singles that can rock a rooftop BBQ or thump your car stereo as you drive out for the first beach weekend of the season. But what of August’s languid, lazy weeks? When it comes to the dog days of summer, you need entire albums to stew in.

To that end, you can’t pass up Washed Out’s newest release and second-ever LP, Paracosm, out August 13. The title’s definition is “a detailed fantasy world,” and that’s exactly what you’re getting in head-trip tracks like “All I Know”—which, incidentally, makes us feel that we don’t know much at all. Ernest Greene is blending his pastel electronica with organic instrumentation like you wouldn’t believe, and Paracosm practically cries out for a good hammock.
Then there’s Keep Shelly in Athens’ next offering, At Home, ideal for anyone who likes a few harder edges among the smooth stuff. Next to Greene’s fairytale Americana, this Greek duo sound all the more continental, and could easily fit the bill for your next downtempo yacht party. You have a yacht, right? You’ll have to wait till September for the whole thing, though the single should get you there.
But late summer’s best, most sultry, starbursting wonder of an album is already out. Skyer, the debut from Scandanavian trio Postiljonen (we’re assuming it’s pronounced post-ill-YO-nen) is a masterstroke of R&B shoegaze that steers from splashy M83 soundalikes to Whitney Houston tribute, and always within the dreamy haze that defines this time of waning heat and back-to-school sales. Plus, who are you to deny that saxophone?
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