Young Jeezy Is a Politician, Pals Around With Samuel L. Jackson

Young Jeezy, rap lifer, gave an interview with Vulture in which he talks about getting Samuel L. Jackson to narrate a biopic about him on his upcoming album, TM 103. Does that seem weird? Jeezy’s in that group of rappers who don’t seem to lose their credibility no matter how dressed up they get, unlike, say, 50 Cent. Discerning authenticity in rap is basically a shell game of intention and knowing, but it’s impressive that he doesn’t ring false when talking about hanging out with Oscar winners while in the same breath advocating economic equality in the ghetto. 

There’s something in the power of assertion, though. He doesn’t shy away from political talk, whether it’s giving thoughts on Occupy Wall Street or how rappers are sort of like politicians:

Politics isn’t only about government. Politics is about the people. Like, if you look at the president or your preacher, they motivate you and say, “Everything’s going to be all right,” and that’s what you strive for. When it comes to these streets and these people, they just want me to tell them that “it’s going to be all right,” “it’s going to be good,” and they believe me. So when I say politics, that’s what I mean. They [the people] want to see me rise up and do what I do and tell them that “we’re gonna be all good, just follow me.”

Makes sense to me. Below, listen to "My President," just in case you forgot.

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