Young Galaxy Premieres ‘Pretty Boy’

Wearing your winter coat even inside the office? Let Montreal synth-poppers Young Galaxy warm you up with something ever so slightly tropical: the beautifully manic and brand-new single “Pretty Boy.”

The single proper arrives on February 5—with a remix from Peaking Lights—and will anchor forthcoming LP Ultramarine, which should become the de facto soundtrack for our melancholy solo underwear dance parties come April 23. Seriously, it doesn’t get more Swedish than this. (Yes it does: Young Galaxy are Canadian, despite recording in Gothenburg.)

While you wait for the rest of the record, why not take a look at their fiercely enjoyably back catalog? Shapeshifting in particular is a slept-on gem, with as more attention to detail than most bands spare in their whole careers. See, told you the cold wouldn’t last forever.

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