William Basinski Stuns With ‘Cascade’

Main image via ISSUE Project Room

The most fascinating and pleasurable part of William Basinski’s hauntingly beautiful sonic worlds is how strongly they possess you. His eternal loops play on and on as you find yourself transfixed, floating into a moment that feels as if it could last forever. You’re only thought is the sensation that’s taken hold of you, and with music that’s as delicately stunning as it is harrowing and skin-tingling, Basinski gives life to the words to those in ineffable feelings that reside inside you. He creates a sensory experience with his music, leaving you at a place beyond articulation that you never want to exit. And last night at ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn, Basinski played a 40-minute set of his latest creation Cascade to an entranced audience cast in blue light.

Shirtless and clad in a leather jacket and perfect coiffure, Basinski stood in front of his table of tape loops and delivered an otherworldly performance, bathing the audience in melancholic sound that completed consumed everyone’s emotions. After seeing his last show at ISSUE, we noted that “elasticity of time is never more evident than in his soundscapes, which transport you into a meditative sphere that’s difficult to shake even after the lights go reemerge. But to share the experience and to be shroud in darkness with his sound booming overhead is something that is so essential to the wonder of what he does.” And although the entire performance was a delight, the last ten minutes of his set were truly incredible. The room came alive as the music emanating from speakers sounded like something wafting from the wallpaper on the walls through an old dance hall. I disappeared completely into the moment and could not have been more pleased. So today, let’s leave our world for a moment and enjoy some classic Basinski.

d|p 1.1

Vivian & Ondine

Static Nocturne







The Garden of Brokenness 

Hymns of Oblivion

Silent Night

El Camino Real


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