Get a Taste of Sonic Genius William Basinski’s Stunning New Albums

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Photo credit: Peter J. Kierzkowski

There are few sensations I love more than hearing a piece of music that truly awakens your senses. Your body pricks up and feels alive in places you barely knew existed, igniting a powerful force that opens you up in new and wonderful ways. And from the moment I heard the stunning sonic landscapes of avant-garde composer William Basinski, my musical affinities were forever changed. I gravitated towards sounds that would lead me down such deep emotional paths as his and look to his work as a comfort and pleasure time and time again. His tape loop masterpieces live, breathe, and disintegrate before our eyes, creating an eternal cycle of sound.

To see him live is a wholly immerse and beautiful experience, and one I’ve been lucky to have multiple times in the last year. And after performing a piece titled “Cascade” at Issue Project Room last spring, Basinski will now be releasing a pair of albums, Cascade and The Deluge, “inspired by his latest tape loop composition.” After seeing him perform the piece, I noted that although the entirety of Cascade’s 40-minute piano loop was a totally hypnotic and absorbing experience, “the last ten minutes of his set were truly incredible. The room came alive as the music emanating from speakers sounded like something wafting from the wallpaper through the corridors through an old dance hall.” Alongside Cascade, listeners will get a free download of The Deluge, “which finds the same composition run through several feedback filters live at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn before blooming into an full orchestral finale.”

Basinski’s new work will be released on April 28, courtesy of the always great Temporary Residence and Baskinski’s 2062 Records. In the meantime, bask in excepts from the work HERE, as well as the trailer for Cascade below. Plus, check out our interviews with Basinski HERE and HERE.


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