Will.i.am Designs Car Because of Course He Does

Last night, the Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and debuted his newest venture: a car company. Rap-Up brings our attention to Mr. i.am’s project, which he has dubbed “IAMAUTO.” In related news, fellow Black Eyed Peas band member Taboo just had his credit approved for a new lease on a Kia Optima.

Will.i.am has become a successful musician, a creative force at Intel, a hologram, and now an auto executive. This is a testament to the American dream: If you put your mind to it and create bland, inoffensive pop music, you can achieve anything.

The IAMAUTO looks like if a DeLorean and a blow dryer had sex. The car may be off aesthetically, but will.i.am’s heart is in the right place — he wants to produce the car in the rough East Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up. “I’m a big technology freak and a geek and I invested my money in building my own vehicle ’cause I want to bring jobs to the ghetto that I come from,” he told Leno. “I invested in making a demo to start the Black Eyed Peas, now I want to invest to have a car company in the neighborhood where I come from.”

The IAMAUTO uses Chrysler parts and has a Beats by Dr. Dre sound system. Unfortunately, that aforementioned sound system is capable of playing Black Eyed Peas songs.

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