Whitney Houston Returns to Tell You to ‘Never Give Up’

While you were watching election results pile in, debating whether or not to Instagram your ballot (and the answer should have been no, you shouldn’t have) and / or pwning n00bs (am I doing it right?) in HALO 4, RCA released a posthumous track from the great Whitney Houston last night. The previously-unreleased "Never Give Up," which was recorded shortly before her passing late last year, will appear on the 18-track greatest hits comp I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston, which will be released November 13th.  

"Never Give Up" certainly doesn’t have the punch or memorability of some of Houston’s strongest performances, pop or ballad, but there are glimpses of her vocal range and ability here and there. It’s more of a contemporary R&B track, with Houston’s message to people just trying to get by—the single mother working many jobs, the student struggling to stay in law school. "Hold your head to the sky / look them right in the eyes / tell them you will never quit / until the day you get it right," she sings. Have a listen below. 

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