We’ll Never Get Tired of Watching Taylor Swift Make Out

If you worked in the BlackBook office, you would know that we occasionally enjoy discussing Taylor Swift. Like much of the rest of the world, we are enthralled by her love life. Personally, I’m not mad if her jams come on the radio; when it comes to the slew of men she parades around with, however, I have an issue. Girl, Tay Tay, can ya keep it in your pants for a second? We’ve seen her jump from Jonas to Mayer to Lautner to Jake and, more recently, Kennedy to Harry Styles, or, as I like to call him, "the hot one" from One Direction. Excuse me while I remind myself I am a grown woman well past her teens. 

My latest qualm with the megastar comes both from her atrocious New Year’s Eve performance and the video that has surfaced of her sucking face with Harry Styles—surrounded by a bajillion people at the stroke of midnight. Taylor, being a seasoned maker-outer, never lets up. She makes out as if no one is watching, no one except THE WORLD. She squeezes the life out of "the hot one" as if they really will last forever. I’ve watched the entire video (and others) a handful of times and it’s noticeably clear that Styles gets uncomfortable as if he just wants this chick to ease up and stop being a Lenny. There’s no way this will last another week or two, if I do say so myself. On a personal note, I hope I make out with more boys in 2013 than Taylor Swift, cuz you best believe I am counting!

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