Watch Video for Odd Future’s “Oldie,” Earl Sweatshirt’s First Interview Since Coming Home

Earl Sweatshirt is perhaps the most talented and most mysterious member of Odd Future, having just returned from an almost two-year stint at a Samoan re-education camp because, as he puts it, “[he] was fucking up.” That’s from a brand new radio interview with Earl with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, the first he’s done since coming back to all of the hype that popped off while he was away. Joined by OF members Tyler and Taco, there’s about 11 minutes of the somewhat reserved Earl discussing what his life has been like, how he’s dealing with fame, and answering other burning questions. Watch it after the click, via Pitchfork.

Tyler is obnoxiously combative as always, but Earl’s pretty hesitant to answer the questions about himself until Rosenberg, ever the pro, gets him to open up. Eventually, Earl stops giving one word answers and gets a little candid about how much has changed since those early OF days. “We were there when no one was there and could do whatever we want every day like it was nothing,” he says. “The other day I was trying to skate and I just couldn’t.” And then: “I was taking a piss at Six Flags and someone asked me if I was Earl Sweatshirt.” That sounds like fun! He also says that he wasn’t sent away because his mom heard one of his songs and freaked out, as the popular perception goes, but because he was screwing up in a lot of other ways. He thinks he’s better for now it now.

Still, the time off hasn’t robbed him of the ability to shit on his friends: when hypeman Taco starts poking fun at Earl’s somewhat diminished finances (he wasn’t around to make all of the money that OF has over the last year), Earl tells him, “Don’t act like you’re not the Meg of our group.” (Meg Griffin, I think, because at least Meg White laid down a beat.) To which Taco says: “Fuck you! I’ve always been the Meg!” Oh, youth.

OF also just released a video for their song, “Oldie,” a ten-minute posse cut which features every member of the collective on the track, including Earl and Frank Ocean. It’s pretty great.

Earl is rumored to be joining OF’s New York show tonight to celebrate the release of the group’s The OF Tape Vol. 2, which is out today. Get ready for rap Twitter to blow up tonight if that’s the case.

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