Watch the Video for ‘DoYaThing,’ the Converse Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy Collaboration

Because there’s no time like now, Converse has released a music video for the Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy collaboration, "DoYaThing." The video takes place in Gorillaz Mansion on the morning after a particularly death-inspiring bender: As Stuart "2D" Pot walks around the house, he finds the rest of his bandmates in various states of unkempt. He goes to make toast, there’s a bowl of human ears on the counter; he opens up his medicine cabinet, and Andre 3000’s ninja counterpart is curled up inside it, and so on and so on. I mean, who knows, but the animation is great. Watch it after the jump.

You can also listen to the extended version of the track, in case quarter-hour freakouts are your thing (as they should be). The song is also available for download at the Converse website, as are those spiffy Gorillaz Chuck Taylors that sparked this whole collaboration (except the real-life equivalent of "downloading" is something called "buying," who knew?).

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