Watch Odd Future Critique an Up-and-Coming Rapper on MTV’s ‘RapFix Live’

"I just want to say, this is so fucked up of you guys to do this with us," Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator says at the start of this video. "For you to do this to this kid’s self-esteem… that’s fucked up." He’s talking about the "Get in the Game" segment on MTV’s RapFix Live in which Odd Future was asked to critique Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$, who’s not even old enough to perform his Skype interview from somewhere other than his high school’s hallway. After watching the video for his "Survival Tactics" song, the Odd Future members were as congenial as they could possibly be. Watch the clip after the jump, via Vibe

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"You can rap," Earl Sweatshirt says, with which Domo Genesis concurs. "Stay in school," Tyler tells Bada$$ before adding, "You know Grizzly Bear is coming out with a new album, right? So excited." The song’s not bad, so it’s nice that they weren’t too rude about the whole thing. Grab Odd Future’s newly released The OF Tape Vol. 2 and keep up with Joey Bada$$ on his Twitter, which he so helpfully provides in the clip.  (That’s badass spelled b-a-d-a-s-s.)

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