Watch Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ Music Video

With Lady Gaga in between albums–ergo, no singles; ergo, no music videos–the U.S. pop scene is devoid of female artists making over-the-top and off-the-wall music videos. Save for Nicki Minaj, of course (and probably a few others), whose new video for her latest single, "Starships" (from her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded) is a colorful, frenetic hodgepodge of WTF.

For those who haven’t yet seen it, here’s the "Starships" music video:

OK, everyone all right? Any trauma, physical, mental or otherwise? Good. Let’s continue…

Because no description of mine could possibly top his, here’s what Dlisted’s Michael K. had to say about the "Starships" video:

If you took scenes from Lost season 1, a piece of seaweed dipped in pink-dyed boric acid, a screen grab from a Pokemon porn, a candy raver’s cum shot, a print out from an Angelfire page devoted to Atlantis Cruises, costumes from the Exit to Eden wardrobe closet and stuffed them all into a kaleidoscope with a broken lens, this is what you’d see while looking into that shit. Nicki Minaj’s video for "Starships" is basically just a collection of random shit.

Nailed it.

What’d you think of the video?

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