Watch Grimes Party With Football Players & Motorbike Racers in ‘Oblivion’ Video

"Oblivion" is one of the better tracks off of Grimes’ excellent new album, Visions, which is why it makes sense that a very professional-looking video for the song dropped in our laps this morning. In it, Claire Boucher sings her song in and around a number of all-American locations: a motorbike arena, a football field, a locker room and more, surrounded by a bunch of normals who look both ecstatic and confused at her presence. Early on, there’s a shot where Boucher is singing along with a boombox in hand while motorbike spectators give her looks that say "I disagree with the color of that hair," among other things.

But I’m sure she had a great time, as did the athletes who were basically instructed to stand there and look casual while an art wraith floated around them around them. "This is why I majored in Communications, man," they were heard to say to each other. Visions is out right now, and you should probably listen to it a lot of times.

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