Watch Björk Rip Open a TV in this Bizarre 1988 Interview

Björk is the undisputed Queen of Bizarre, allegedly hailing from Iceland, though more realistically was planted in the earth’s soil by a pack of aliens plotting to infiltrate mankind with the singer’s left-field ideologies and captivating, whispery voice.

In a 1988 interview, the Sugarcubes member justified her oddball reputation by opening a television and explaining the internal mechanics—of course, Björk does so without any expertise, instead comparing the TV’s insides to a metropolitan city. What else would you expect from our peculiar pop star?

She continues, discussing how a poet made her fear watching television until she decided to pick up a Danish book and learn “the truth.” Offering the ultimate mic drop closure, Björk wraps things up, urging viewers to absorb science and saying, “You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.” Watch the amazing clip, below: 


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